Miami Heat Color Codes

The Miami Heat colors are Heat Red, Heat Yellow, Black and White. They also have alternate, Miami Vice colors in Blue, Fuschia, and Black.

Miami Heat Hex Colors

A play off the city of Miami's hot climate, the Heat draw their colors from a flame logo originally designed in 1988.

$heat-black: #000000;
$heat-red: #98002E;
$heat-yellow: #F9A01B;
Miami Heat Black
Miami Heat Red
Miami Heat Yellow
Miami Heat Black
Miami Vice Blue
Miami Vice Fuschia

Miami Heat Vice Colors

Introduced in 2018, the Miami Heat Vice Jerseys took NBA fans by storm and became the number one selling jersey in the league. The Miami Vice colors are a hat tip to a previous era of art deco Miami.

$heat-vice-blue: #41B6E6;
$heat-vice-fuschia: #DB3EB1;
$heat-black: #000000;